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Hello! This is Mangaka-chan. I'm a fanartist/fanwriter by night and a scientist by day. I mostly post about Sailor Moon and Princess Tutu, as well as any fan work I make for my two favorite anime series.

Many thanks to Miss Yunie from elysiansgarden for the custom layout. <3

As a way to show my thanks to the people on Tumblr who’ve supported me in making the Future Reunion doujinshi, I will be giving away FREE hard copies of Future Reunion Act 1 at Fanime Con, in San Jose, CA! If you’re going to Fanime this weekend, here’s how you can get your copy. ;)

Where? The lobby of the San Jose Convention Center (see below). I’ll be hovering around one of the pillars there.


When? Saturday, May 25th, 2-4pm. I’ll hand out copies of the doujinshi only during this period. I will not give out doujinshis at any other time. Please try to make the appointed time so everyone has a fair chance at getting a copy.

How to find me in a crowd? I’ll be wearing this Crystal Carillon pendant made by StarlightDecoDream


…and I’ll be carrying this original anime design canvas tote bag (I don’t remember the name of the shop I bought it from).


Hopefully that will make me stand out enough so that people can locate me easily. ^^

1 copy per person. I have a limited number of copies (10-15 copies), but I will give them away until I run out. Feel free to reblog and spread the word. Hope to see you guys there! :D

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    oh noooooo why did i not know about this until after fanime?! i’ll just have to stalk from now on
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    I wish I lived in the U.S…. If anyone is going who doesn’t actually want one. Can you grab me one? I will pay shipping...
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    Baaah, I wish I was going so I could get one of these
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