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Hello! This is Mangaka-chan. I'm a fanartist/fanwriter by night and a graduate student by day. I mostly post about Sailor Moon and Princess Tutu, as well as any fan work I make for my two favorite anime series.

Many thanks to Miss Yunie from elysiansgarden for the custom layout. <3

The more I sit here and work on the plot of Future Reunion the longer it gets and it doesn’t help that my brain keeps interjecting with ideas for a sequel! D: At this rate I’m gonna have to do some reshuffling of the chapters or else I’ll end up with bloated, 60+ page long chapters that go on forever. -_-;;

I changed the script slightly after getting a spark of idea from my last Anon comment. As such, the first and second page from my last Future Reunion update now reflect these changes. The changes aren’t big, but they’ll help with an issue that I couldn’t figure out how to resolve until now.

Hope you don't mind. :) I'm a huge royal watcher and just wanted to say that people can be invited to the Queen's garden parties. Usually, it's the head of a charity or people who has done public service and the Queen wants to recognize. There's actually a video that shows one of the garden parties on youtube: Monarchy: the Royal Family at Work. It should be episode 4 of 5. I'm sure you have it plotted already, but it's a great video to see how things like that are done behind the scenes.

Thanks for the info! I remember reading on the Buckingham Palace website that there’s an application that British citizens can fill out to attend the tea party, but I didn’t know one could be invited, though it makes complete sense.

I wanted to double check my facts before I posted the new pages of Future Reunion but the Palace website’s blocked in China I swear China blocks the most random things, same thing with Youtube. Sigh.

True, and with all due respect to the two voice actors, I feel like the English dub was not appropriately cast for these two characters. My issue with the English dub for Mytho and Helios is that it makes them sound way too old. Both of these characters are young looking by appearance, but their English voices sound much older, and for me, especially since I was already used to Helios and Mytho’s Japanese VAs’ voices, it was very disconcerting when I heard the English dub.

Did it ever strike you how similar Mytho (Princess Tutu) and Helios are in both appearance AND personality? What do you think of it?

That was actually the first thing I noticed when I started watching Princess Tutu. XD I honestly thought Mytho was going to be my favorite character because of his similarity in character design to Helios, but in the end I became a big Fakir fan instead.

I do think they share a lot of similarities beyond their character design though. Both Mytho and Helios have a noble, self-sacrificing personality. Mytho would risk his life to save a small animal, and shattered his own heart to seal the monster Raven. Helios does his best to warn his prince about Nehellenia’s plans despite being cursed and his body held captive, and uses the last of his strength to protect the city from the evil queen’s power.

Both of them also have room for further character development. Mytho was heartless (or evil, because of Raven’s blood) for the majority of the show, and Helios (more so in the manga than the anime) didn’t get much development, so we see very little of their personalities beyond the two traits listed above. But this is also good in a way, because it leaves room for fans to form their own headcanons.

Another point of similarity is how both boys have a love interest who was, at one point or another, a villain. Kraehe and Black Lady can be cruel and vicious, but both girls share the similarity in that they were told they were unloved, and were exploited by the true villain in the story.

I have a bit of an info-dump this time. All this stuff about the Jubilee Ball is sorta-kinda based on the yearly tea party that’s thrown by the Queen of England. IIRC off of Buckingham Palace’s website, all British citizens can apply to attend the party, though there’s a fee and your chances of actually getting selected to meet the Queen are pretty low. I imagine that the rules in a utopia like Crystal Tokyo might be a bit looser though. And while Neo Queen Serenity hardly leaves the palace I think she loves to socialize with people and throw parties, just like Usagi did. And since the manga was rather vague about when exactly Usagi ascended to the throne, I figure I’d throw her ascension, as well as both her and Chibi Usa’s birthdays all into one occasion and make it a gigantic party bash that everyone can participates in.

And yes, there is some angst on Chibi Usa’s part. But it wouldn’t be shoujo comic without some angst, right? ;) Oh, and I also firmly believe the Quartet can be bribed with good food, only in this case Shou did it unintentionally.

Fark, I think I hurt my wrist. DX Uhg, maybe I’d been pushing myself on the doujinshi a little too hard these last few days but what else is there to do when it’s 38C/100F outside? Gonna take a break from drawing tomorrow to let my wrist recover a little. In the mean time, I wanna figure out where to watch Sailor Moon Crystal while I’m in China.

Chibi!Shou! XD *cough, OK I’m done now*

Just a quick word on why Shou’s parents are dead. At the end of the Black Moon arc Neo Queen Serenity was shown reviving the populace of Crystal Tokyo, but Chibi Usa once said that after the initial Black Moon attack some of the deceased turned to dust and disappeared over time. I don’t think the Silver Crystal can bring back people who are long gone; even its powers have limits.

I got done drawing the rough sketches for Act 3 of Future Reunion today! That means I have the composition for all of the remaining pages figured out; all that needs to be done now is to actually draw them. XD;;

It looks like Act 3 will have a total of 42 pages (Act 2 in comparison only had 33 pages; hopefully this trend won’t become exponential >_>). Just a few days ago I posted page 22, so that leaves 20 more pages to go. Having these rough sketches done actually takes a lot of pressure off of my shoulders, because without a set of rough sketches I feel a lot of uncertainty going forward with this project, kinda like driving in an unfamiliar city without a map. Now I can draw with more confidence, and it means I can also start thinking about the script for Act 4. ;)

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