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Hello! This is Mangaka-chan. I'm a fanartist/fanwriter by night and a graduate student by day. I mostly post about Sailor Moon and Princess Tutu, as well as any fan work I make for my two favorite anime series.

Many thanks to Miss Yunie from elysiansgarden for the custom layout. <3

If you had to date either Mamoru, Helios, Mytho, or Fakir which one would you choose and why? :D

Haha! Oh boy, well let’s see…

I might not get along too well with Fakir since both of us can be snarky. We’ll end up getting on each other’s nerves, but with our similar personalities I think we can still be good friends.

Mytho…well, it’s hard to say since we only see a tiny bit of his personality at the very end of Princess Tutu. One thing about Mytho is that he loves everyone and everything, and has been known to run into burning buildings to save caged birds. As someone who stresses quite easily I don’t think I can handle a relationship where my significant other routinely puts himself in mortal danger. ^^;;

Helios seem to be a sweet, gentle, and considerate person, and is a character I definitely had a crush on as a teenager. But there’s the matter of the long-distance relationship to consider. It will be hard to maintain a relationship with someone who is literately a world away, and whose duty may prevent him from ever settling down (thus much of the fodder for drama in Helios x Chibi Usa stories).

And so we have Mamoru. Hey, Naoko Takeuchi did create him to be the perfect boyfriend in her mind! And I have to say, besides a propensity to get brainwashed Mamoru has what a lot of girls look for: handsome, sweet, romantic, great with kids, and drives a cool motorcycle (I always wanted to ride a motorcycle but my family will never let me).

hey! really sorry if this has been asked already, but when you drew the meeting with the senshi and the royal family, you drew the inners in their Super forms but the Quartet and ChibiUsa are in their star forms? is this intended like, the inners haven't powered up enough or do they not get it in your version? i hope this is okay! ty for the awesome doujin too btw :3

No problem! :) In the Stars arc of the manga we see the senshi sans Chibi Moon back in their super form. There was no explanation given for this, and it may be an honest oversight by Takeuchi-sensei, or the senshi choose to power down for reasons never explained. Since the doujinshi is set in the manga universe, I stuck with the way the original senshi were depicted in the last arc.

One unfortunate side effect of traveling is jet lag, which in my case is a 15hr lag. =_= It’s 4am now and I can’t go back to sleep, but I’m going to get super sleepy in the afternoon.

Are you ever gonna finish Blue Rose Renaissance?

Eh, probably not. ^^;; I have a severe case of writers block with that one, plus I just ran out of motivation to work on it.

Who's your favorite inner senshi and who's your favorite outer senshi (except Saturn of course!)?

I don’t have a clear favorite Inner senshi, but I’d say Ami and Minako are my favorite. I can relate to Ami as we’re both into science and learning (I have been called “the human Wikipedia” by a co-worker), and Minako is always entertaining, both in the manga and the anime.

My favorite Outer senshi sans Saturn is Pluto, especially manga!Pluto. She’s wise but kickass, strong but gentle. Also in the manga she laughs and can feel exasperated as everyone else, and that makes her feel more relatable.

I’m back home now. Can’t say I’m excited to be home I miss my grandparents already ): but vacations don’t last forever, and Real Life beckons!

My fanfic.net account name is “mangaka-chan”, and when I say they’re old fanfics I mean old: my first Sailor Moon fanfic was first published in 2003. >_>

Are you going to give the senshi individual attacks? I know that in the manga, they only used team-up attacks (which you've used so far!) but I'm curious as to if they'll get their own within your story. I was hoping to also see them transform, but I understand the limitations there :)

I assume you mean the Sailor Quartet? I don’t think I’ll have an opportunity in Future Reunion for the Quartet to show off their individual attacks. But in some of my old fanfics I have given them individual attacks based on their mythological attributes. :)

As for transformations, we never see the full transformation sequence of any of the senshi in the manga. But I wonder if someone out there has tried to make an animated transformation sequence for the Quartet?

Donno if this scene is confusing, but the idea here is that Saturn repealed the enemy out of the Gallery using her Silence Wall attack. This is one of the few defensive attacks any of the senshi have in the manga, but I think it can also be used some what offensively by allowing Saturn to form a barrier and repealing her enemy.

Also, my vacation is coming to an end, and I will be starting a new job soon after returning home. I still have a little time before I start working, and I want to try finishing up the last two pages or so of Act 3 before then. But after that things will slow down again, as I deal with RL stuff as well as plan Act 4.

Did you ever read the Princess Tutu manga? If you did, then what did you think of it?

Yes, I have! Though, I was not impressed, compared to the anime. The manga is an altered, abbreviated, and over simplified version of the anime, and so it lacks a lot of the charm and depth that the anime had in terms of plot and character. It’s not a terrible story by itself; it has its cute moments, but when compared to its anime counterpart it can’t hold its own.

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