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Hello! This is Mangaka-chan. I'm a fanartist/fanwriter by night and a graduate student by day. I mostly post about Sailor Moon and Princess Tutu, as well as any fan work I make for my two favorite anime series.

Many thanks to Miss Yunie from elysiansgarden for the custom layout. <3

What inspired you to do the Sailor Moon Future Reunion Series?

I’ve loved Sailor Moon since I was in elementary school. For many years, I wanted to make my own Sailor Moon doujinshi after seeing the work of Japanese fans who drew and published their own stories. However, I had never really been completely comfortable displaying my art publicly. I don’t have any formal art training beyond two summer art classes at my local community college, so when I look at works by trained, more advanced artists I feel like my work is comparatively unworthy of being shown.

Although my confidence in my art skills has improved over the years, my passion for Sailor Moon waned during college. By now I knew I’m the type of person who would only finish something if I can maintain a passion for it, and I didn’t want to start something I might not be able to finish *cough my Blue Rose Renaissance fanfic* >_>

Then around February of last year Kodansha started releasing the Dream Arc of the Sailor Moon manga. This has always been my favorite arc, and I bought the re-release for nostalgia’s sake, as well as to see what changes had been made in the new edition. Somewhat to my surprise, going through the re-release kindled my love for Sailor Moon. After seeing a few high school AU fanart of Helios and Chibi Usa on Pixiv, I started developing ideas for a plot where Helios and Chibi Usa meet in the 30th century as students. I drew a fanart for it, thinking if I put it down on paper I can get the idea out of my head and move on. But after I posted it on Tumblr, I was surprised by the enthusiastic response I got.

A part of me was still hesitant that the story will be clichéd, the art will be amateurish, I will give up less than half way through, and it would be a poor work that I will regret making years later. But thinking about it some more, while these things may still come to pass I realized the bigger regret would be that I never attempted it at all. The doujinshi will have its flaws, but I wanted to make something that my 14 years old self would happily read.

So, I guess my TL;DR answer is in short: I was inspired by other artists’ work, and I was inspired to not regret never trying. :)

Wanted to work on sketches for Future Reunion tonight. Instead, I spent the whole day working on my dissertation. That’s technically a good thing…but my soul weeps. =_=;;

My long overdue fanart for snowpond, who was a winner for the 1,000 followers fanart giveaway. She requested a picture with Minako and Rei and I just had this image of them going shopping together, and Rei’s not agreeing with Minako’s choice in clothing. XD I thought of this because this scenario is something that actually happens to me in real life when I go shopping with friends some times, though I tend to switch between being classy like Rei and loving those printed Tees like Minako, depending on the situation

And speaking of fashion, the clothes the girls are wearing in this picture are inspired by sets created by moonie-couture( specifically this one for Rei’s outfit, and this one for Minako). I’m not really into fashion, and I cannot put together a good set of street clothes for characters to save my life. So thank you, moonie-couture, for saving me here!

Here is the finished version of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime promo. The idea for the redraw came from the tumblr blog, crystalfacets. I was not originally planning to color this, but somehow I ended up coloring it anyway. ^^;; There was a lot of fiddling around with the image, and while I can’t say I’m 100% happy with it, I did give it my best shot.

It’s no secret that Chibi Usa is my favorite female Sailor Moon character, and I always wished we’d gotten more images or info on her Pink Moon Crystal, so I chose to draw her with her Pink Moon Crystal in this picture. In the original promo image Sailor Moon has a wide-eyed look as she holds up the Silver Crystal, as if she’s gazing at the crystal in awe and wonder. This makes sense, since in the first arc Usagi is inexperienced and does not know the extent of her crystal’s power. But adult!Chibi Usa would be an experienced, full fledged senshi by the time she’s in possession of her own Pink Moon Crystal, so I gave her a more assertive expression as she’s about to unleash its power.

I decided to give writing my dissertation a rest tonight and just let my Muse do what she wants, which is to, well…draw. ^^;

Specifically, I wanted to do the redraw of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime promo image that the crystalfacets blog is collecting. I chose to draw Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon with her Pink Moon Crystal, because we see so little of the new crystal in the manga and there’s also very little fanart depicting it though here it kinda looks like she’s holding up a small cabbage while a giant blower is sending her hair flying absolutely everywhere XD;;

The anatomy of the original image was pretty hard to replicate, and I think I redrew her eyes and face at least five times before I was happy with the way it looked. Now I just need to clean up the sketch, and instead of coloring it (which I suck at…plus it takes too long >_>) I think I’ll make it screen tone it and make it monotone. I want to see if I can insert a transparent png image of the SM Crystal logo, and I remember I saw one somewhere not long after the promo image came out, but I can’t remember who posted it. :\

Those times when you really wanna draw things, but the realist part of your brain keeps reminding you that you need to write your dissertation. =_=

Hi what anime or manga to you watch beside hetalia, sailormoon or pricess tutu?

I actually don’t watch much anime. XD;; The last anime I watched was Kill La Kill, but I only watched the last three episodes b/c a lot of people were saying the ending was epic, and I was curious. The last complete anime series I watched was Kyoukai no Kanata, which started out very promising and had great animation, but the fanservice and the too-convenient ending made it kind of meh. :\

Manga-wise, I tend to read a smattering of different manga titles, but none of them really diligently. Titles that I sort-of follow include: Detective Conan, Claymore, Princess Jellyfish, Saint Seiya the Lost Canvas - Anecdotes, A Bride’s Story, and Rozen Maiden, which ended recently. I tend to end up reading bits and parts of random series that happen to catch my eyes, though I have, every once in a blue moon, binged on a long running series that takes me a few days to finish.

i love ALL of your art work, its so cute and perfect in every way. i am also a big fan of your sailor moon doujinshi. its amazing. i just kinda hoping that you could continue it because it is getting really good. and want to know what happens to chibi-usa and the helios look alike. sorry if i asked to much, i just can't help but fan-girl over this.

Thank you! No worries, I am continuing the doujinshi. :) I just haven’t had time to work on it much in the last two weeks because I’ve been writing my dissertation and planning the logistics for my future job.



Sailor Moon Crystal Facets is a digital artbook bringing together and contrasting the styles of Sailor Moon fans. It has a very specific focus; “Redraws” of the first promotional image for the Sailor Moon Crystal anime, which was unveiled online in March of 2014.

This image immediately enjoyed an iconic status in the community, and will continue to inspire, even after the series begins production and we have many others to compare - simply for the excitement, hope and joy it generated in us. This blog channels that energy into an online collaboration among fans across the world to create a growing exhibition of Sailor Moon's influence and charm.

Any medium from any skill level will be accepted. The blog and its guidelines are still under construction but submissions are currently open. Any and all Sailor Moon fans are invited to contribute.

Please spread the word!

So… ta-dah!! I have been rolling this idea around in my head and decided to go ahead with it, computer or no computer. Sailor Moon-themed art ‘zines and galleries have been cropping up lately and they’re intensely gorgeous and inspirational. It’s incredible being able to compare the way so many fans’ feelings manifest in art. I thought it would be interesting to have a similar idea online. Maybe I’m biting off more than I can chew?? But I really hope it succeeds! Being able to scroll through pages of pages of redraws and reinterpretations of this image would be amazing.

If it’s going to succeed at all I’ll need your help though!! Please, no matter how experienced you feel you are, consider doing a redraw of this image and submitting it. I can’t make a proper About page right now but if you have any questions send an Ask!

Will give this a shot! :)









Oohh~ So they’re doing more? And I thought the new musical was a one-shot deal to build anticipation for the new anime. I wonder who the actress for Chibi Usa well be they can’t not include her; the Black Moon arc wouldn’t be the same without the rabbit and if we’re gonna get more musicals in the future? :3

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