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Hello! This is Mangaka-chan. I'm a fanartist/fanwriter by night and a graduate student by day. I mostly post about Sailor Moon and Princess Tutu, as well as any fan work I make for my two favorite anime series.

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Compared to Usagi and Mamoru’s Miracle Romance, I much more prefer Helios and Chibi Usa’s future relationship because their story has so much potential. Under what circumstances will they meet again? What sorts of trials and hardships will they have to go through? Their love story could be just as epic as a Miracle Romance, if not more so, for the simple reason that it has yet to be told.

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All of my yeses! Plus there’s also a strong hint of forbidden romance like in Serenity and Endymion’s story, though i think in this case the challenges these two face are somewhat different from the challenges Serenity and Endymion faced during the Silver Millennium. Chibi Usa and Helios come from very different circumstances and places. Not only will distance, duty, and status be a problem for them, heck, even time is an obstacle!

Which do you like better: Manga!Helios, or Anime!Helios? The same thing with Chibiusa, Manga!Chibiusa or Anime!Chibiusa?

For this I’m going to break the “like” distinction into character development and character appearance.

I like manga!Helios’ design more, mostly because I never liked the look of the horn and the manga is more consistent on when it shows up (i.e. when Helios is under Nehellenia’s curse) and when it doesn’t (i.e. before and after the Dead Moon threat). However, I like the character development of anime!Helios more so than manga!Helios. I think the anime had and took the time to fleshed out his personality, while the manga focused more on developing the main cast and kind of neglected the supporting characters.

With Chibi Usa, I prefer her manga incarnation in terms of both personality and character design. I feel like her physical growth (i.e. growing taller) is more pronounced in the manga, and in terms of character growth I feel like her growth to becoming a leader in her own right is more complete at the end of the manga than at the end of the anime. Also, we get to see her in her own distinct princess gown and her eternal form, something that we never saw in the anime.

I just found out today that a good friend of mine had gotten engaged to her boyfriend. She told me the news in person while we were sitting at the local Mitsuwa food court and I was about to dig into a plate of curry tonkatsu. XD;;

Also, instead of an engagement ring, her boyfriend-who-is-now-her-fiance got her a very nice DSLR camera. Personally I think the camera is a much better present than a ring, which can get lost or stolen, plus it’s far more practical and useful. :3

Do you like Kousagi Tsukino?

I don’t really have any particular feelings towards Kousagi, as she only appeared in a short story. As far as a parallel universe is concerned, I’m actually more interested in what happens with the lives of the original characters and how their lives are similar or different from that in the manga universe.

I still surprise myself with how fast I can actually color the covers for Future Reunion, considering how much I usually hate coloring. XD;; As you can probably guess, the Sailor Quartet will be featured on the covers for the next few chapters, though I dare say I’ll probably go beyond 6 chapters with how much I have planned for Future Reunion. I drew the flutter of petals for Ceres as she was known as the Flower Magician in her Dead Moon days, and so her attribute seem to be flowers, but I don’t know if I’ll actually have a chance for her to show off her power in the doujinshi. :\

I’m planning to release a hard copy of Act 3 like I’ve done for Acts 1 and 2, but it may be a while before I can get that ready. I have to format the doujinshi and I start my new job on Tuesday, so things may take a while. But I’m pretty certain it’ll be ready before Christmas. :)


The lovely @SailorStardust0 on twitter informed me earlier today of this news! Sailor Moon Crystal will in fact include the Black Moon Arc as a part of the 26 episodes - following the manga acts act-by-act. You can read a translation here of an excerpt from Kobayashi’s interview in the Sailor Moon Crystal Official Visual Book (Mook) translated by Nagisayuu.

I’ll be posting my own personal thoughts on all of this at a later time (busy with grad school stuff), but I definitely wanted everyone to know about this!!! 

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Oh wow! I didn’t think it was possible for Crystal to include 2 arcs. I wonder if the Black Moon arc will get a different title though. :\

Which state or country do you live in?

I live in the Golden State of California. :)

When did u first start 2 draw and how did u learn to draw???

Following the previous Ask, I started drawing when I was around 5. In terms of how I learned to draw…well, I didn’t have any formal art training and I mostly just doodled and practiced a lot in my free time. XD;;

When did u first start to draw fanart??

Mmm, it’s hard to say since I’ve been drawing and doodling for so long. If it’s fanart specifically I think probably when I was in 6th grade or junior high?

I hope you don't mind me asking this but are you ever going to finish your fanfic "An Uncommon Witness"? I'm a big Princess Tutu fan and it really is my favorite fanfic, so I'd love to see the end of this story. Greetings from México and keep going with your wonderful work!

Hola! I do hope to continue “An Uncommon Witness”, but I tend to have a one track mind and my Sailor Moon doujinshi project has been taking up all of my muse and my free time. I want to try to squeeze in some writing to see if I can get back into the swing of it while also working on my doujinshi.

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